Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas


Many people feel that there is an artist inside them and that artist is itching to come out and express his/her feelings. But many of these people still have not been able to provide a creative outlet to that artist. The reason could be that they are not able to figure out how to start and where to start.   

Well, if you are one of these people, then this blog is meant for you. Here, we give you tips to start drawing and also some cool ideas to start drawing. So, get hold of your pencil and paintbrush, and get ready to paint the world.  

For an artist, drawing is a way to express him/her. Drawing is the language of an artist. An artist expresses his/her feelings and thoughts through art.    

Different types of drawing:  

When it comes to drawing, an artist has several options available. Though there is no fixed number of styles of drawing. Some of the common types of drawing, which are very popular among artists, are given below:  

  1. Illustration Drawing: The drawings represent the layout of a particular document in an indicative manner. However, they do include all the basic and mandatory details of the subject.  
  2. Life Drawing: These are the drawings that are inspired by direct or real observations of an artist. Also called still-life drawing, these paintings portray the expression captured by the artist’s eyes. Portraits, comic books, illustrations are some common examples.  
  3. Emotive Drawing: These drawings, as the name suggests, explore and portray the various emotions, feelings and moods of human beings.   
  4. Analytic Drawing: These drawings are sketches that are made to represent the observations made by an artist, broken down into small parts for a better perspective.  
  5. Perspective Drawing: These drawings are made by artists to provide the viewers with a 3-Dimensional view of the subject on a 2-Dimensional plane, like a canvas or paper. The artist creates multiple images to give a fair idea of scale, space, distance, height etc. all viewed from a specific angle.  
  6. Geometric Drawing: These drawings are used more by technical people than artists. People like architects, engineers make these drawing to highlight some construction activity. In this type of drawing, specific dimensions, scaled, sections etc. are very important.   

Drawing idea for beginners:  

As a beginner, you should start drawing something that is of interest to you. And like in all art forms, the more your practice, the better you become.  

Here are 10 great ideas for you to get going. These are some easy-to-draw subjects that will help you develop into a great artist.  

  • Food: One of the basic requirements of life, it can be a good idea to start as a base artist. Food as a subject for art is a great idea, has universal appeal, and is easily recognizable. Besides, drawing food also teaches you about drawing various shapes and spatial relationships. Pastries, as an example, is particular an interesting subject to draw.
  • Faces and expressions: Drawing a complete figure may not be an easy task, but you can surely test the waters by painting human faces and various expressions. With just a little hand on practice, you would be surprised to see the various emotions you can show with just some lines and curves. A line here and there and different angles and placements of facial features can show a variety of emotions.
  • Trees: As a child, among the first things we learn to draw is a tree. The reason for that is very simple. Since there are so many trees, so the chances of going wrong are very far and few. So, whatever you draw, people would be able to relate to it. From a cloud-like puff to a triangular Christmas tree, trees are always an artist’s favourite. 
  • Flowers: Just like trees, there are various kinds of flowers in the nature. So, whether you draw a realistic design, or a bubbly or more detailed design, flowers can easily be recognized by everyone. Even if you are a beginner and not confident of your drawing skills, the non-linear and organic shapes of flowers make them a simple and exciting drawing idea. 
  •  Drawing animals as a cartoon is very easy, as it all requires few carefully painted lines and your animal cartoon is ready. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the proportion of face to other body parts. This flexibility allows you to create wonderful and adorable cartoon characters, which is enjoyed by one and all.
  • Buildings or architectural structures: Just like trees, houses, and other buildings drawings are also a good option for beginners. This is because most complicated building designs have symmetry and pattern, which is easy to follow.
  • Leaves: Leaves are a fairly simple, but rewarding drawing idea for a beginner. Since leaves also come in various shapes and size, one can draw leaves in a basic shape or someone may experiment with some different shape. A beginner can easily master drawing leaves in a matter of a few minutes.