About ArtBuzz

ArtBuzz Started it's journey with an idea to build art themed infrastructures for people to co-work and co -create.  ArtBuzz always had  a belief  that there existed a strong community of  artists which desire's to grow together in co-working and co – living spaces across the country .  

ArtBuzz has it's unique Vision  of breaking away from the stereotypes of Indian Art Market and working with artists community to build artists centric spaces .Our Mainstay Includes providing open plan studios and creating opportunities for artists like – skill based workshops , exhibitions and open mic talks with constant mentorship from experienced artists.

 There is a constant feeling among Indian youth that there are not enough professional spaces in India that help emerging artists to grow and show case there work .So to disrupt this constant feeling ArtBuzz launched art themed youth hostels  for people to be creative and  put up new ideas .

Together with artists we move on to the bigger canvas with fairly simple motto Create, Network & Grow. 

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