About Us!


ArtBuzz Studios is a coworking space for artists, printmakers, and professionals. Besides that, we also provide interactive programming in the form of workshops, art talks, and events.

ArtBuzz was born with an idea to reduce the gap between the art and its audience. To make art more accessible and every day, and not something available only to a few.

ArtBuzz looks up to be a melting pot for enthusiasts, upcoming artists, art centric individuals and events that showcase the finest of contemporary art. With its head and heart in the right place, we pursue a passion for art and aesthetics as a core foundation to bridge the two!

We are connoisseurs and bon vivant of art who seek out to make it more approachable and accessible for all. Be it a rookie artist or simply a savant who is always on his toes for any new art affair in the city, hop on to never miss an artsy beat!