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Your Ultimate Art Travel Guide: The Mumbai Edition

When you think of Mumbai, you picture it as the Finance Capital of the country and the City of Dreams. Besides being the New York of India with its high rise buildings and skyscrapers, it hosts the Indian Film Industry, popularly known as Bollywood. But underneath all these famous titles, there’s often an underrated ode that we forget to present to the City Of Dreams. We’re definitely talking about the Art that has made this city so rich from the time it was known as ‘Bombay’. The Colaba Causeway, Queen’s Necklace a.k.a Marine Drive, the popular influences of the Art Deco Movement, the Victorian Architecture are some of the artistic masterpieces which make our jaws drop.

Art Deco in Mumbai

1. Influences of Art Deco in Mumbai -

The Art Deco Movement, which became a global sensation in the field of Art and Architecture in the 20th Century made its way to Mumbai long ago. This Architecture style was an amalgamation of using the richest and rarest of materials while combining it with modern craftsmanship to produce exuberant works of art. It influenced the designs of buildings, ships, trains, jewellery and fashion. This being established, Mumbai has the second-highest number of Art Deco Buildings in the world after Miami, the Art Deco Capital of the world. Some examples of Art Deco in Mumbai include – Regal, Eros and Metro Cinemas; New Empire and Liberty Cinemas, and a number of buildings in the Colaba Causeway in SoBo. Back then when the concept of Art Deco was newly curated in Mumbai, they richly designed and fashioned their homes in this style to emanate this concept of grandeur and exclusivity. To live in such a structure was considered a style statement back then.

The World's Greatest Art Galleries

2. The Essential Art Galleries and Museums -

And obviously, Mumbai has its fair share of Elite Art Galleries and Museums,  which showcase the works of some of the most Posthumous Indian Artists who have left their immortal legacies; along with the new and upcoming talents. The list is endless, of course beginning with the Jehangir Art Gallery in the Kala Ghoda Locality, the Pundole Art Gallery,  Project 88,  Tasveer [ An Epic Photography Gallery, Volte, Chemoud Prescott Road Gallery and so on and so forth. You can visit them to admire some of the best art pieces you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

Sir JJ College of Architecture - [SJJCA]

3. Art Education in Mumbai - 

Now let’s jump onto something exciting for young talented artists who wish to have the best art education in the country. Mumbai has got your back on this one! Sir JJ School of Art is regarded as the best Fine Arts school in the country and has a famous reputation for producing the country’s best. Since it is Cream of the Cream, it is REALLY tough to get in here as well, with a super tough entrance test and YOU NEED GOOD GRADES. But there’s nothing in this world that cannot be achieved with practice and persistence, right? Followed by JJ , there are some other great colleges as well. Rachana Sansad, Sophia Polytechnic for Women and L.S Raheja are tough in the game too.

Art Carnivals and fest mumbai

4. Art Carnivals and Fests - 

When it comes to Art Festivals, there’s nothing more exciting than the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival to the Art Lovers. It’s literally an Artists Playground; with a wide selection of Art-Related and Performing Arts Events going on during the duration of the Festival. Artists from all over the country swear by visiting it at least once in their life, to get awestruck by the shows and exhibitions. You don’t necessarily have to be good in the art to enjoy what the Kala Ghoda Fest brings on, you can savour and devour the experiences so that you get to keep an Artistic anecdote in your life. To conclude,  Mumbai has lots to offer when it comes to satisfying your artistic palate; so if you identify yourself as an Artist or an Art Lover, you should definitely visit the City of Dreams ( More like the City of Art ) to marvel at India’s Finest when it comes to art.