Bangalore being known as tech city offers much more than that as it always had an art centric approach from ancient times

Your Ultimate Art Travel Guide – The Bangalore Edition

How could we miss this city when it came to writing an Art-Centric blog about India’s richest Artistic Cities? Popularly known as the ‘IT Capital’ or ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, Bangalore is also famous for its pleasant climate all throughout the year. So let’s get to know this versatile city in terms of Arts and Crafts, Architecture and much more.

bangalore crafts

  • Carving Crafts –

Karnataka as a state has held the legacy of creating beautiful art by carving different mediums such as stone, ivory and wood. But nothing compares to the influences of this ethnicity which can be seen in the palaces and elite bungalows of Bangalore. They steal the show with beautiful interior carvings, depicting Gods and Goddesses. This is an ancient, One of a kind Art practice that was passed down to generations. Besides Art Carvings, there are a lot of different kinds of crafts like Sandalwood Craft (Fragrant Sandalwood is used to make timeless masterpieces), Metal Ware and Mysore Paintings that you can check out to explore the rich art culture of Bangalore.


bangalore art cafe

  • Display your work if you’re an Artist! –

One of the best things that Bangalore promises to budding artists is the playground of opportunities when it comes to exhibiting and showcasing Art. There are a multitude of Art Cafés which cater to more than just coffee needs, and go the extra mile to unleash the artist within you . The most sought after ones are – Atta Galatta, Art Blend Café, Bistro Claytopia, Dyu Art Café, Coffee on Canvas, Desserted and Leanin Tree Art Café. Each of these cafés have taken their own unique twists in providing you with your go-to cups of joe along with a sinful artistic experience. From creating art to exhibiting , selling and buying paintings, they are providing artists with the most holistic spaces to grow and connect with like minded individuals in a literally Caffeinated way.


bangalore art gallery

  •     Art Galleries –

As an artist, every culture trip to a city is incomplete without visiting the quintessential Art galleries and museums. These places preserve , promote and protect the legacies of artists for generations to come and also set trends in the creative industry nationally and internationally. A typical checklist in Bangalore includes – Venkatappa Art Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art – Bangalore, Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (This is also an educational art institution. Fun fact – Kenny Sebastian, the stand up comedian is an alumnus of this college.) Crimson Art Gallery , Gallery SKE, Mahua – The Art Gallery , Genesis and Gallery Sumukha.

There are a lot of other endeavours too, which keep the garden city artistically enriched. They include a variety of Art Festivals and Projects, which become a social hub of Artists, Art lovers , Entrepreneurs and creative like-minded people. The India Art Festival is happening on 21st April this year, at the Chitrakala Parishath. If April seems too far away right now and you want to experience the Art festivities right away, The Culture Chutney, which is a two day Eco Flea Festival is happening this weekend at 3rd Stage, Indiranagar. This flea fest is going to be about sustainable brands and a market for artists, with handpoke tattoo artists, tarot card reading , live graffiti and much more. Sounds so cool , right? I guess we can agree upon the fact that the garden city is a One of a kind Artist’s Garth.