Escape - the - Office , Your Wacky Workation Adventure with ArtBuzz Hostels! 🌴💼

Escape - the - Office , Your Wacky Workation Adventure with ArtBuzz Hostels! 🌴💼


Tired of the same old four walls of your home office? Ready for a workation that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Well, hold onto your mousepad, because ArtBuzz Hostels are about to whisk you away on a wild ride of work and play!


Remote Work, but Make It FUN-tastic!

 So, you're a remote worker or someone battling the daily grind from home, right? We get it, and we've got your back! Say goodbye to your ordinary workspace and hello to the wacky world of workations at ArtBuzz Hostels.

Why ArtBuzz for Your Zany Workation?



Co-working space in Delhi, Manali and Mussorie


  • Wacky Workspaces: Our co-working areas are more exciting than a squirrel in a peanut factory. With high-speed internet and ergonomic chairs, you'll be cracking those work nuts in no
  • Hostel Havoc, Hotel Hilarity: Choose between dorm-style rooms (where laughter echoes) or private rooms (for your personal punchline). It's comfort with a side of comedy!
  • Comedic Community: Rub shoulders with the quirkiest crew of travelers, digital jesters, and remote Our lively community is always up for a good laugh (and maybe a little work).
  • Exploration Extravaganza: When the work whistle blows, it's time for adventure! Jaipur, Manali, and Mussoorie are our stages, and you're the star of the Explore local culture, dine on hilariously delicious cuisine, and bask in the laughter-inducing landscapes.

Your Whimsical Workation with ArtBuzz

Step 1: Pick Your Punchline

Choose your ArtBuzz Hostel destination – Jaipur, Manali, or Mussoorie. Each spot has its own punchline, and it's up to you to deliver the laughs!


Dormitory Rooms in Hostels


Step 2: Secure Your Spot

Book your bunk or claim your comedy kingdom. ArtBuzz Hostels fill up fast, and you don't want to be the one without a front-row seat to the hilarity. 

Private Rooms in Hostels

 Step 3: Set the Stage

 Create your own workspace masterpiece in our co-working areas. High-speed internet, ergonomic setups, and the potential for spontaneous acts of brilliance await you.

 Step 4: Work Hard, Play Harder

 Structure your day to combine productivity with playful escapades. Explore local attractions, indulge in belly-laugh-inducing cuisine, and relax in our riotous common areas.


Gaming Room in Co-working space


Step 5: Network and Nonsense 

Engage with fellow travelers and remote work jesters. ArtBuzz hosts events, workshops, and social gatherings that are as entertaining as they are enlightening. 


Cafe and Common area for socializing and Networking area


Step 6: The Grand Finale

Experience the comedy of a workation – boosted productivity, a rejuvenated spirit, and a renewed appreciation for the comedy of life!

Step 7: A Standing Ovation

 At the end of your workation run, take a bow, soak in the applause, and get ready for your next performance – whether it's work or a new adventure!

 Join the ArtBuzz Club !


Your workation with ArtBuzz Hostels promises laughs, adventures, and connections with a community of fellow jesters and adventurers. If you're ready to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, ArtBuzz is your stage for a side-splitting, memory-making workation adventure.

 Start planning your uproarious workation today and get ready for a standing ovation in the world of remote work and play!

 Workation packages starting at Rs 2500/- for seven days!*