Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings in the world

Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings in the world

When you see a Picasso or a Van Gogh original, do you wonder about who owns these works? Some paintings are priceless and are a permanent part of Museum collections like the Mona Lisa (Louvre, France). But what about those works whose prices can be fixed, no matter how exorbitant? And who are these art lovers who can afford to spend such an obscene amount of money?

Godfrey Barker, of Art and Auction Magazine and Art Review says, “It’s always secret if only because the world’s very richest people are hiding from two kinds of character – thieves and burglars, and they are also hiding from the taxman.”

Here are the top ten most expensive paintings ever sold, and who they were sold to.

  1. Paul Cezanne, Card Players (5th version),1894-1895, oil on canvas; Sold: $269.4 ; To: State of Qatar

      Les Joueurs de cartes, par Paul Cézanne.jpg


  1. Jackson Pollock, No. 5, 1948, 1950, oil on fibreboard, 2.4 m x 1.2 m; Sold: $162.7 ; To: David Martinez

    No. 5, 1948.jpg

  1. Willem de Kooning, Woman III, 1951-53, oil on canvas, 68 x 48.5”; Sold: $159.8 ; To: Steve A. Cohen


  1. Pablo Picasso, Le Rêve, 1932, oil on canvas, 51 x 38”; Sold: $155.9; To: Steve A. Cohen


  1. Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1987, oil, silver, and gold on canvas, 54 x 54”. Sold: $155.8 ; To: Ronald Lauder, Neue Galerie, New York

    Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I - Wikipedia

  1. Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait of Dr. Gachet, 1890, oil on canvas, 23.4 x 22.0”; Sold: $149. 5 ; To: Ryoei Saito

   Portrait of Dr. Gachet, 1890 by Van Gogh


  1. Francis Bacon, Three Studies of Lucien Freud, 1969, oil on canvas, 78 x 58” (each canvas); Sold: $142.4 ; To: Elaine Wynn, ex-wife of Steve Wynn

    Three Studies of Lucian Freud - Wikipedia  


  1. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Bal du moulin de la Galette, 1876, oil on canvas, 52 x 69”; Sold: $141.5 ; To: Ryoei Saito

      Bal du moulin de la Galette - Wikipedia

  1. Pablo Picasso, Garçon à la pipe, 1905, oil on canvas, 39.4 x 32.0”; Sold: $129.0 ; To: pasta baron Guido Barilla of the Barilla group

      Pablo Picasso -Garçon à la Pipe (1905) – ART


  1. Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893, oil, tempera, and pastel on cardboard, 36 x 28.9”; Sold: $122.2 ; To: Leon Black, New York financier

        The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch

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