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Top Art Podcasts

With the rise of social media and streaming there is more content available and accessible than ever before. Podcasts are one way for people to speak out about any topic that they desire and appeal to a broad or niche audience. The world of podcasts is one filled with learning, inspiration and discovery and the rise in podcasts about the arts has made candid content even more accessible. Conversations amongst artists, art lovers, collectors and historians make it privy to information which is rare and unique. It is a way to learn without feeling like a task, it feels more like speaking to a peer about an interesting topic. This is a way you can get inspiration for your artwork or even just some validation about your fears and concerns. You can even get free advice for your business or just an idea for starting your own business. There are so many sub-categories to cater to your interest and with the vast range of podcasts available, it can be difficult to know what to listen to. So, here are a few podcasts for you to explore and find your niche interest. 

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Art History

  • ArtCurious
  • This podcast explores all the fascinating stories in art history. The host shares the truly unexpected and strangely wonderful stories for art lovers and enthusiasts. She explores some very fascinating questions about historic artists and their artworks like Did Van Gogh actually commit suicide? Or Was Jack the Ripper actually a British painter? The best part about this podcast is that it doesn’t seem like a lecture on art history where there are archaic terms being thrown around which you never understand. It’s art history for all and conversations about art history which explore other perspectives as opposed to a droning lecture.


  • The Sculptor’s Funeral
  • This is a podcast dedicated to sculptors and their craft. It looks at the major sculptors in history and how this influences the work of current sculptors. They have discussions on techniques, common practices, tools and even interviews with sculptors. The host is a practicing sculptor who works and lives in Florence, Italy and is passionate about the history of sculptors. 


  • The Great Women Artists Podcast
  • This podcast includes interviewing artists, curators and writers on their careers and on female artists who have inspired them. It includes conversations between art lovers and the host Katy Hessel who is an art historian and curator. Analyzing the gender parity that exists all around the world and specifically in the art world, she explores a critical take on the invisibility of female artists. The podcast acts as an extension of her instagram feed where she shares her encyclopedic knowledge of art history and specifically women artists who have historically been overlooked. 

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    Help your art business

  • Beyond the Studio
  • This podcast goes beyond the work an artist does in the studio and discusses how they support themselves and their creative work. The hosts met when they were art college students and how they navigated the start of their careers. The creative career path they took after art school was not simple and there is a certain prevalent gap in professions for artists. They started this podcast to have honest conversations with fellow artists and creative businesspeople who have become experts on the business end of being an artist and they explain what goes on ‘beyond the studio’. Being artists themselves, the hosts know how resourceful artists have to be to survive in the real world. Their aim is to speak about their experiences and having open discussions, to empower other artists and how to live as an artist.

  • The Artist Business Plan Podcast
  • A short and straightforward podcast, the hosts give practical business advice for artists from experts in the field. They are the CEO and co-founder of an Art Fair and they dive in the deep end of business and art and give realistic advice on how to market your art. They’ll give very blunt business advice to grow your business, especially as an artist. 

  • Art Biz Podcast
  • Budding artists are very creative and resourceful in how they make their living in the art world. Entrepreneurial tendencies in artists are rising and they make their own path which is because everything is new. Learning from others’ experiences, the highs and the lows, is always helpful because you may discover something completely new or you may relate to a problem you’re facing yourself. Guests on the show share the lessons they have gained over the course of their career and the host has more than 20 years of experience in the area so she empowers you to be a productive and more successful artist. 

  • Hashtag Authentic
  • This podcast explores an audience wider than just artists. It discovers the secrets to success for creatives in any field be it blogging, social media or artists. Hashtag Authentic deals with how to be successful by building an online audience. The podcast has interviews with creative artists who are blazing through the world and analyses with them their own experience. The insider perspective on online success through blogs, instagram and social media is very rare and valued. The host uses her personal experience of building an audience of more than 300K people to give inspiring and practical tips on how to build a massive business online. With the rise of technology and transfer to the virtual platform, knowing how to deal with the online world and having those skills is very efficient and valuable.

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    Artistic Process

  • Suggested Donation
  • This podcast is hosted by two contemporary artists who have conversations about the way a creative mind works. It is devoted to all forms of art and thus includes multiple non-traditional artists and craftsmen who speak about their passion. These curators, artists and craftspeople discover common ground among multiple small disciplines with the hosts and share their love for skill and creativity. They all have multiple processes towards their craft and so by sharing their creative process it gives the audience a peek inside their unique process. 

  • Creative Caffeine: no agenda
  • The creator of Creative Caffeine, David Sherry takes us to the essentials of being an artist and how creating masterpieces actually doesn’t come easy. The podcast itself has no aim but to only discuss the details of creating art, especially with some popular artists and creators. It has ‘no agenda’ because instead of maintaining surface conversation, it looks under the hood of a creative mind. Multiple episodes explore creative blocks and anxiety which can be very difficult to deal with on your own and hearing a podcast can give you the extra push and inspiration to get through your block. The podcast also challenges your creativity and the limits to your imagination, which can be important for an artist's productivity.


  • Waiting to Dry
  • Waiting to Dry is a podcast that includes inspiring and stimulating conversations about art. The podcast is like a conversation between two friends who are passionate about art and cleverly express their views. It is hosted by two artists who go through the same kind of difficulties that the audience and listeners do which makes it all the more relatable. They approach any defeat with humor and bring new guests weekly to keep the content fresh and real. They share their experiences, especially the lows of life as an artist and build a bond with the listeners as a whole community of artists.