The art of learning it!

The art of learning it!

Written by Jaya Sharma

Have you ever encountered  a situation where you looked at an artwork and felt clueless while people around you were just going gaga over that piece? I am quite sure that you may have had one of the two reactions: either you smirked at all those people as if they were a bunch of wannabes pretending to know a thing or two; or, you may have just joined the group, smiling at the artwork and members of the group like a fool, praying to the almighty to avoid any confrontation with that bunch of wannabes. But one thing that will surely come to mind is that what are people liking about that particular piece of art? Why can’t I see that? Well, the answer is fairly simple and yet too difficult for most of us to comprehend. I was once sailing in the same boat and so I do know the gravity of such a situation and that is why, I have decided to be of some help to all you disheartened people out there who are failing to see the appeal. Here is ‘My List’ which will at least give you a general idea to avoid such havoc:

  • Don’t stare too hard

For the first timers, it is really difficult to understand the latent meaning of an artwork. The essence is sometimes too complex to understand but come on, one can achieve nothing simply by gawking at it. Look here and there; grab someone who knows one or two thing about art or maybe, take curated walks. These walks are great in understanding the motive, the vision and the reason behind the creation of an artwork from someone else’s perspective when yours is not working, obviously.

  • Don’t over think

The biggest problem that hinders our thought process does not lie in ‘not thinking’ about a piece, but most of the times it lies in overdoing it. The solution is to keep it simple and not over thinking it.

  • Let your heart decide

This is where I lagged. Most of us try figuring it out, scratching our heads and ultimately feeling beaten up. The trick lies in just following your heart. Do you recall that moment, when you saw an artwork for the first time? What did you feel? Angry, sad, happy, got goose bumps or maybe you felt nothing? Your emotions play a huge role in creating an impression. If you feel happy, you would probably like to hang it in your living room, if you become sad, you might just keep it in your storeroom and if you feel nothing then maybe you will just pass by and forget about it in moments.

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover

This is applicable in every phase of life and it happens to almost all of us. We judge too easily and too early. Not everything that glitters is gold. If you want to learn, you will have to take an initiative. Just give it a try even when you don’t feel like it.

Trust me, I have been there and it becomes too hard if you don’t give it a try. A little effort might result in something great. Who knows if one day you might have Husain’s work hanging in your living room?!

  • MF Husain’s ‘Language of Stone’

As French artist Edgar Degas would say, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Guess we shall discuss this one in the next blog…what say?

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