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Mansha Bedi

Mansha comes from a Punjabi family and hails from Delhi. After completing her schooling and spending most of her childhood in Delhi, she started college at NIFT Chennai.
It was a big culture clash, but she still learned to manage and balance between her studies and her ‘newly’ found interest in photography at that time. A design student, she opted for leather accessory designing, but little did she know that her camera would become her best friend.
She went out an explorer, just she and her camera, capturing everything that was around. New people, new faces, and a new lifestyle altogether, there was so much that she had to learn as she had to break out of the comfort of her home. Mansha was very observant of the people she met, the way they dressed and it came about as fascinating for her.
Her journey in art, despite being a design student started very early. She was just a kid in the third standard and that’s when she painted her first painting. She was exposed to the medium of oil paints at a very early age. At that moment she thought that she can take it forward with this talent.
But as much of a surprise, it was to her, she has always wanted to create something of her own. Something very original. So, she despises the fact that during her first job she was asked to copy an already existing design.


Getting Ready
But one thing that Mansha has learned over her years of experience in this field is that there will be efforts and energy that will be invested by the artist, but the result for which will be seen much later in life. And fruit is very rewarding. She considers her parents and her family as her biggest strength.
From that point on, she has based her works on her evolution as a person, and as an artist. She describes it as an attempt to embody the emotion of this act of empathy towards others & ourselves.
She says, I think art is that space where this connection can be created between strangers: them, the viewer & myself.”
Mansha has always felt a connection with art because of the trials and errors she has done with different mediums, before figuring out which is that she likes the best. With the constant support of some great mentors, she has achieved her forte.
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