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Latest Happenings in the world of NFTs: NFT Vision Hack 2021

NFT Vision Hack 2021

As we are venturing very much into the world of NFTs, we thought we will bring to your news and updates about whatever is going in and around the world.
Very recently, the Coinsilium Group partnered with Indorse to launch the WORLDWIDE online hackathon, the NFT Vision Hack. This event is specially sponsored by the Gibraltar Government. This is a great initiative by Coinsilium group’s Nifty Labs
Interestingly, this Hackathon offers a lot more, to creators, artists, developers, entrepreneurs, gamers and people from the science and tech field.
With their main sponsor being the Gibraltar government, a few official NFT websites have taken up a share to sponsor their events too, such as- Rarible, Circle, Filecoin, IPFS, Indorse and Scalable. There are 4 events, namely-
  • Build on Rarible protocol
  • NFT payment solutions
  • Gaming & NFTs
  • NFT Art Projects
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This whole event aims to bring together talented people to surpass the notions conceived about the typical Non-Fungible Tokens. Moreover, the organizers have also offered all means of support to the participating teams, in whichever way possible.
Also, the best part, the prizes are worth $72,000!!
Well, there of course a certain set of rules for these 4 tracks, you can read them here
The judges for the NFT Vision Hackathon are renowned people who have a prolonged experience in NFTs. Their objective is to encourage the members and participants of the NFT community to use their creativity to the full extent and bring extraordinary solutions to the table. The participants must use this technology to the best of their knowledge and produce results.
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This is the circuit for the event:
  1. The registered participants must submit their plausible solutions
  2. The panel of jury and judges will review the solutions
  3. The shortlisted participants will be informed of the further proceedings
  4. These shortlisted participants will be presenting their demo solution LIVE on the online platform on the set date.
  5. The winners will be announced right after the LIVE online event
More than just these competitions, the NFT Vision Hack also includes some fun webinars and workshops. Check them out here.
It is for sure a “unique opportunity” for all tech and NFT enthusiasts to come on board and participate. And as for the motto of this event, “push the technical boundaries of what is considered possible today in the world of NFTs”.