How to Plan a Jaipur Trip Under Rs 5000

How to Plan a Jaipur Trip Under Rs 5000


Jaipur, known as the Pink City, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and vibrant experiences. While it's famous for its opulent palaces and forts, you can explore this royal city on a budget without compromising on the fun. In this blog, we'll guide you on how to plan a 2-day trip to Jaipur under Rs 5000, including an affordable stay at our very own ArtBuzz Jaipur hostel, priced at just Rs 400 per night.


Day 1: Exploring Jaipur's Heritage

 Amber Fort: Rise and shine like a royal explorer! Start your day at Amber Fort, where history meets your inner adventurer. Entry fee: Rs 100 (Indian citizens).


Amber Fort in Jaipur


Jaigarh Fort: Channel your inner conqueror at Jaigarh Fort, home to the world's largest cannon on wheels. We promise it won't roll away! Entry fee: Rs 70 (Indian citizens).


Jaigarh Fort


 Breakfast at Rawat ki Kachori and Lassi: Fuel up with breakfast at Rawat – where kachoris are crispy and lassis are the size of your dreams. Cost: Approximately Rs 150 (for your taste buds' happiness).


Best and Affordable Breakfast in Jaipur


City Palace and Hawa Mahal: Walk like a royalty detector at the City Palace and pretend to be the queen of the breeze at Hawa Mahal. Entry fee for City Palace: Rs 200 (Indian citizens).


City palace and Hawa Mahal


Albert Hall Museum: You've got the Hall Pass to knowledge and art at Albert Hall Museum. Be prepared to be impressed! Entry fee: Rs 40 (Indian citizens).


Albert Hall Museum


Lunch at a Local Eatery: Time for a street food showdown! Enjoy a Rajasthani thali or street food for a budget-friendly lunch, costing around Rs 200 (because street food = street cred).


Best affordable and Famous Lunch Place


Dinner at a Local Restaurant: Dinner, anyone? Savor the flavors of Rajasthan at a local restaurant, spending approximately Rs 300 (because food = happiness).


Fancy Place for dinner yet affordable


Day 2: Arts, Culture, and Shopping

 Breakfast at the Hostel: Start your day with breakfast at ArtBuzz Jaipur hostel (not included in your stay). Or, discover the quirkiest breakfast options in town for about Rs 100.


Jantar Mantar: Get your inner Einstein ready and explore the Jantar Mantar, a giant playground for celestial geeks. Entry fee: Rs 50 (Indian citizens).


Jantar Mantra


Nahargarh Fort: Hike up to Nahargarh Fort for epic views that make you feel like you're on top of the world. Entry fee: Rs 50 (Indian citizens).


Nahargarh Fort


Lunch at a Local Café: Lunchtime – it's cafe-crawl o'clock! Grab a quick and delicious meal at a local café, spending around Rs 200 (because cafes = cozy coolness).

 Best Lunch at Local Cafe


Shopping: Unleash your inner shopaholic at local markets like Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar. Budget: Rs 500 (shopping = your own retail therapy).


Best and cheapest Market to shop in Jaipur


Relax at the Hostel: Time to kick back and relax at ArtBuzz Jaipur hostel, where you can socialize, play games, or perfect your funny travel stories.


Relax at artbuzz Hostels in Jaipur


Dinner at the Hostel: Dinner's on us! Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the Palate & Plate Cafe - By ArtBuzz Jaipur!


Dinner at artbuzz Hostel in Jaipur



With a budget of Rs 5000 and a sense of adventure, you can rule the Pink City while staying at the wallet-friendly ArtBuzz Jaipur hostel. This itinerary is packed with history, humor, and a heap of haggling for souvenirs. Jaipur on a budget? Challenge accepted, and conquered!