Hangover? Cure Here

Hangover? Cure Here

  • Drink Lemon Water With Honey.

Your last night mojito, just make it virgin this time!

Lemonade (Nimbu pani): You're right on the money! This classic Indian drink is a powerhouse of electrolyte-rich vitamin C, perfect for replenishing fluids and calming your stomach. Bonus points for using fresh lemons and honey for an extra boost.



  • Take An Espresso Shot.

You won’t regret this one for sure.



  • Watermelon and coconut water 

Head pounding? Watermelon to the rescue, pounding!


Watermelon & Coconut Water: These fruits are naturally packed with electrolytes and water, helping your body flush out toxins and rehydrate. Bonus points for chilling them for a refreshing treat.



  • Looking At Last Night Pictures & Videos!

Best wake up call in life.


  • At the end, Don;t forget to make a resolution to never Drink agaiin, until the next friday arrive. 

some ritual never die!



Happy New Year!!