Celebrities in Art

Celebrities in Art

Creating works with famous actors and actresses is a raging trend in the art world. A lot of famous artists have indulged in acquiring muses from the world of Cinema. Some like Marilyn Monroe ,have become global favorites and are still being featured in various forms and mediums of art. Artsome selects some interesting works of famous celebrities in Art!


Warhol at the Met: Why the artist's imitators can't compete with the real  thing.

Andy Warhol’s famous Turquoise Marilyn, 1962.


Dganit Blechner - "Marilyn Monroe" Screenprint on Canvas by Dganit Blechner  | Widewalls

An Israeli artist Dganit Blechner’s rendition of Monroe at India Art Fair 2014

Will Smith Painting by kyle-lambert.deviantart.com on @deviantART | Portrait  painting, Portrait, Celebrity portraits 

UK based Digital Artist Kyle Lambert’s painting of Will Smith

Ommatidia I Hrithik Roshan by Rashid Rana on artnet 

Hrithik Roshan stars in Rashid Rana’s digital C-print called Ommatidia I, part of a series of 3 works, 2004, 13 x 11.6″.

RASHID RANA - Ommatidia II (Salman Khan) @ | StoryLTD 

Salman Khan in Rashid Rana’s Ommatidia II, 2004, digital chromogenic print, 30.5 x 29.5″.

 Ommatidia III Shah Rukh Khan by Rashid Rana on artnet

Shah Rukh Khan in Rashid Rana’s Ommatidia III, 2004, digital C-print on archival paper, 32.5 x 29.5″.

 On the Wall. A new perspective on Michael Jackson | The National

Andy Warhol’s print of Michael Jackson

Saga of Madhuri Dixit's die-hard fan 'Madhuri fida' Husain aka MF Hussain |  Catch News 

Legendary artist M F Husain was taken with Madhuri Dixit’s beauty and made a number of works with her as his muse.

Tonal Value is More Important than Colour Mixing | ArtTutor 

Francoise Nelly made a stunning portrait for ST-ART festival of Daniel Craig with just oil and knives. 2013.

 Lucian Freud - Kate Moss | Lucian freud, Arte, Pintor

This painting by Lucian Freud brought Kate Moss into the limelight as one of the most popular artists’ muses.

 Banksy's Kate Moss | Banksy art, Banksy, Street art artists

Rumored to have been commissioned, Banksy left his mark on Kate Moss’s premises.

 Marc Quinn's famous Kate Moss 'Sphinx' sculpture up for sale

Mark Quinn made a whole series with twisted sculpted figures of Kate moss titled ‘The Sphinx’.