Best Streets Food in Jaipur 2023

Best Streets Food in Jaipur 2023


The Pink City,' where you'll find amazing palaces, impressive forts, and a touch of royalty. But there's more to this place than just grandeur – it's a food lover's paradise! We're talking about the delicious Rajasthani dishes that will make your taste buds dance. From classics like dal-baati-churma to spicy laal maas, tasty kaathi rools, and sweet treats like ghewar and kulfi, Jaipur has it all. The folks in Rajasthan know how to live large, and their food is just as fantastic as their lifestyle.


When you visit this fantastic city, you'll be spoiled for choice with its diverse culinary offerings. The local street food here is a flavor explosion – it's spicy, tangy, and dripping with ghee, making it impossible to resist. Trying these dishes is not just about eating; it's a cultural adventure! To make it easier for all you travelers exploring this royal city, we've put together a list of the street food options that the locals absolutely adore!


1.   Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

You can't visit Jaipur and not try the Pyaaz Kachori – it's a must! These little treats are like flavor bombs that are a bit high on calories but even higher on taste. When it comes to the best place to savor these delights, Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is the go-to spot. It might look like a restaurant, but it's famous for its sweets. Besides serving up the mouthwatering pyaaz kachori, they've got a whopping 50 other sugary delights for you to try. And if you're feeling extra indulgent, don't miss out on their samosas, spicy mirchi-vada, aloo bonda, dal kachori, and more – it's a dieter's worst nightmare, but oh-so-worth it! You won't regret digging into these spicy Rajasthani treats.


Address: Hotel Neelam, B9, Station Rd, in front of Polo Victory Hotel, Lalpura Colony, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Opens at 6am ( perfect for early morning days) and Closes at 10:30



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2.    Masala Chai at Gulab Ji Chaiwala

If you're a tea fanatic, you absolutely can't miss this spot – it should be at the

tippy-top of your to-visit list. It's right across from Ganpati Plaza, and it's famous for their spiced chai and bun-muska combo. The steamy chai paired with the buttery bun is guaranteed to have tea lovers singing its praises. They've also got a specialty called bun-samosa that the locals go crazy for. It's always buzzing with people sipping chai and having a good old gossip session. Don't forget to swing by next time you're in town, but remember, they close up shop at 6 PM, so get there earlier!


Address : Shop No 10 Masala Chowk, near Albert Hall, Ram Niwas Garden, Bardia Colony, Fateh Tibba, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004
Opens at : 9am and Closes at : 10:pm 


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3.    Best of Indian Street Food at Masala Chowk

Masala Chowk is the go-to spot for all your street food cravings. It's like a foodie's paradise in Jaipur, nestled in Ram Niwas Garden. This place is a friendly home for all your favorite Indian street foods, and with open seating, you and your buddies can feast on a variety of treats.


Originally meant for tourists, it's now the local's favorite hangout. Masala Chowk serves up classics like daal baati, samosas, jalebis, golgappas, chole bhature, and soothing tea. They even put a unique twist on South Indian delights like masala dosa and uttapam. And guess what? It's a steal at just INR 10 to enter this food wonderland! Masala Chowk is hands down one of the best places to eat in Jaipur.

Address : Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg Ram Niwas Garden, Jaipur 302004 India 
Opens at 8am and Closes at 10pm




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5.    Pav Bhaji at Pandit's

Do you adore buttery, mouthwatering pav bhaji as much as we do? Well, then you're in for a treat! Head over to Pandit's Pav Bhaji stall near Birla Mandir – it's a real gem among the best places to eat in town.


They whip up fresh and spicy pav bhaji loaded with butter, and it's a hit with both locals and tourists. And here's the best part – it won't cost you an arm and a leg! The aroma of that sizzling pav bhaji is so tempting that your diet might just take a backseat. So, get ready for a delicious feast at this spot!

So, with this delectable list of the best street food spots in Jaipur, you're all set to embark on your culinary adventure in this magnificent city. Get ready to be amazed not only by the mouthwatering food but also by the warm hospitality Jaipur has to offer.


Address : C-18, Bhagwan Das Road, C Scheme, Jaipur - 302001 (Near Raj Mandir Cinema)
Opens at 11am and Closes at 11pm 


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