Artsome Artist: Vibhor Mudgil

Artsome Artist: Vibhor Mudgil

From wanting to become a cardiac surgeon to becoming a full-time, professional artist, Vibhor Mudgil has had a tumultuous artistic journey. One of 3 boys in a class of 28 in high school, Vibhor’s worldview shifted as he was forced to reconcile with differing perspectives and gendered realities of life. 

It is with this understanding that he set out to create works that spoke of the feminine experience and the female body, creating expressions of humanity reflected in gendered depictions of intimacy. 


bandana and bananasBandana & Bananas


Blending his art with poetry, Vibhor finds inspiration in people and their stories, especially those that deal with ostentatiously taboo subject matters such as female sexuality, intimacy, lust, and human desire. His works are a contemplation of hushed-up conversations and discourses surrounding the body.

Vibhor makes it clear that his works are meant to be a talking point, something to spearhead conversations, and make discussions surrounding erotic or evocative art move beyond the conventional discomfort associated with them, breaking established societal constructs and provide a comforting experience of stigmatized topics.


cherry cola
Cherry Cola

Finding acceptance in LGBTQ+ spaces, the art community, and Indian art connoisseurs, Vibhor’s works have resonated with people around the country. Finding new inspiration during the lockdown, and working with shifting ideas of human sexuality and identities, Vibhor intends to continue his study of people through his signature soft lines, pastel colour palettes, with a sense of comfort for discomfiting conversations.

Feeling french
Feeling French

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