Artsome Artist: Charulata Mukherjee

Artsome Artist: Charulata Mukherjee

Coming from a family of artists, Charulata followed the footsteps of her grandparents and father, all of whom had been lifelong practitioners of the arts in some form or another. This early exposure to the life of art and creativity is what bolstered her resolve to become her own artist and express her own experiences through her distinct style and sense of aesthetic.

Her works are not meant to be autobiographical in the strictest sense, as her vision relies on the imagination and scope of one’s own creative interpretations as one looks at her art. Drawing inspiration from the mundane and the dichotomy between the inside and the outside world, her works are ambiguous and resonate with her, and others’, experiences of being a woman within the socio-political landscape of the country. 

Her works, representing all the diverse experiences of life and the years of her art practice, retain a certain style and momentum, making them recognisable regardless of their year of making or the thought process behind them. Having a distinct and recognizable style allows Charulata to then experiment with various issues, ideas, discourses, and observations, as her works evolve over the years.

Citing her biggest inspiration as her father, and other notable artists such as Jamini Roy, Charulata intends to continue her art practice in a way that is true to her own sense of artistry and the social discourses that she intends to bring up with her works.

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