Art We Heart - Art Events and Exhibitions in India

Art We Heart - Art Events and Exhibitions in India

Weekly Round-Up of Art Events, News and Art Exhibitions in India

The harbinger of art, Artsome, presents a weekly curation of the shows dotting the mellifluous Indian art landscape.

Written by Monica Arora


Art Exhibitions in Delhi this week

I. In Search of Ancient India

William Dalrymple

8 October – 3 November 2021

Vadehra Art Gallery
D-53 Defence Colony

Art Exhibitions in Delhi

Scotland-born William Dalrymple wears the multilinear roles of author, historian and art critic with panache on his sleeve. His latest photography exhibition is a result of his research and travails for his work entitled 
The Golden Road, to document “the artistic and cultural achievements of ancient India” and derive insight into their impact on Asian and global civilizations. Featuring a plethora of evocative images sweeping south Indian temples and sculptures to sculptures and structures in north India, this body of work is an ode to the Indian sub-continent.

II. Regenerative Visions

Manish Nai

19 September—24 October 2021

Nature Morte
The Dhan Mill

art exhibitions in delhi

Contemporary Gujarati artist Manish Nai plays with a plethora of mediums, particularly found objects be it in the form of old books or newspapers or fragments of garments or even metal and other material. Echoing the very critical sentiment of sustainability and environmental consciousness, the artist examines the texture, nature, physicality and appearance of materials and re-interprets them through his vision. Encompassing elements of photography along with painting and sculpture, Manish recreates corrugated metal sheeting in a compelling avatar that both enthrals and inspires viewers. 

III. Material Scars

Asim Waqif

8 October—13 November 2021

Nature Morte
Vasant Vihar

art exhibitions in delhi

Carrying forth the theme of experiments with material, Asim Waqif creates a body of work entitled Material Scars. Focusing particularly on bamboo, this intriguing amalgam of photo-prints and sculpture is designed by experimenting with a diverse range of paper and exposure to light, thereby creating a composition of an ethereal art piece that is akin to a moment captured in the frenzy of the business of living. 

Art Exhibitions in Kolkata this week

I. Gardens as Thought Form: Lexicons for Revolution 

Aziz Hazara, Bani Abidi, and Prabhakar Pachpute

27 August – 31 October 2021

Experimenter – Hindustan Road

art exhibitions in kolkata

When the trio of artists Aziz Hazara, Bani Abidi, and Prabhakar Pachpute are brought together in an exhibition based on gardens, the result is bound to be ethereal. A garden is an entire cosmos in itself nurturing and sheltering life as flora and fauna in all its magnificence. Planting a seed is akin to creating the possibility of life. Interestingly, this promise of a new life or a new idea could be a potential for a future revolution. Through videos and image installations, the artists try to create a vocabulary full of potential and possibility residing within a garden.


Art Exhibitions in Mumbai this week

I. new canvases

Sheetal Gattani

14 October - 13 November 2021

Chemould Prescott Road
Queens Mansion, 3rd floor

art exhibitions in mumbai

There’s much more than what meets the eye in Sheetal Gattani’s ‘new canvases.’ The intrigue lies in the fact that the artist deploys some 25-30 layers of paint dabbed onto bits of handmade paper, which are juxtaposed on unstretched canvases. Colours blend and surrender themselves to a palette of vibrance and diversity, thereby revealing a nearly three-dimensional rendition of colour scapes in all their glory.


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