Surface 08 | ArtBuzz X India Art Fair

Printmaker's Den | ArtBuzz X India Art Fair 

Book Binding Workshop | ArtBuzz X India Art Fair

Pride Beyond June | LGBTQIA+ Movie Night

ArtBuzz Studios played a small but significant part in bringing together artists and allies from the artistic domain, and hosting a night for them that included a 
screening of films created by people who identify as community members and allies. 

NFT Workshop
ArtBuzz has created something very exciting in the area of art that is unquestionably the next big thing! Learn everything there is to know about NFTs, including what blockchains, smart contracts, and other terms mean.

You will get to know some of the most well-known personalities in the NFT industry. Join along and learn about their experience with NFT and the steps they took to get established.

You have plenty of room to grow in this sector. GET STARTED NOW and expand your network, forge relationships, mingle with people, and most importantly, ENJOY this experience!

Artist Relief Fund
The journey of ARTIST RELIEF FUND began in May 2021 and more than 500 artists around the country had applied for this. The grant is Rs 4,00,000/- INR, which was awarded to 10 artists.

From the vast 500 applications, 50 candidates were shortlisted based on personal interviews, and finally, the 10 artists were awarded.

Artist Book Project
An opportunity for Artists to explore the world of Artist Books. The selected Artists got an opportunity to interact with our founders and create their unique artist book. The 10 selected artists also got the opportunity to display at our Bi-Annual Exhibition, Surface.