Get NFT'd

You may attend the whole NFT Crypto course in Delhi thanks to ArtBuzz. The first workshop ever held in Delhi to teach people how to make, purchase, and trade NFT!

ArtBuzz's Get NFT'd is the place for you to be whether you are a beginner trying to make your way in the NFT world, an accomplished artist, or even if you want to join this platform as an investor or collector! ArtBuzz has created something very exciting in the area of art that is unquestionably the next big thing! Learn everything there is to know about NFTs, including what blockchains, smart contracts, and other terms mean.

You will get to know some of the most well-known personalities in the NFT industry. Join along and learn about their experience with NFT and the steps they took to get established.

You have plenty of room to grow in this sector. GET STARTED NOW and expand your network, forge relationships, mingle with people, and most importantly, ENJOY this experience!

What will be your key takeaways from this 2-hour WORKSHOP?
✅ The real hype about NFTs
✅ Incorporation of NFTs in your line of creativity
✅ Learning from the experts about their journey
✅ Starting off in the NFT field
✅ Future prospects with NFT

What are you still holding out for? Watch this fantastic session NOW!