Get NFT'd

get nft'd

If you are a novice figuring your way out in the NFT world, or an established artist, or even if you would like to join this platform as an investor or collector- this is THE place for you to be!

Artsome and ArtBuzz have collaborated to bring something SUPER EXCITING, and a field of art that is definitely the NEXT BIG THIING!
All about NFTs- you can learn all about the meaning of blockchains, smartcontracts and NFT and so on.

You will be meeting some of the most reputed people from this NFT space. Hop on and get to know their journey with NFT, and how they have established themselves.
Ishita Banerjee (@Soulcurryart)
Vijay Khubchandani (@Veetwokay)
Santanu Hazarika (@santanu_hazarika_art)
Vishal Malhotra (@vishalmalhotra_actor)

There is no dearth of scope for you in this field. START NOW and grow your base, make connections, meet people, and most importantly, take in this EXPERIENCE!

What will be your key takeaways from this 2-hour WORKSHOP?
✅ The real hype about NFTs
✅ How can you incorporate NFTs in your line of creativity
✅ Learning from the experts about their journey
✅ Starting off in the NFT field
✅ What the future be like with NFT

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the amazing session!