NFT Advanced Workshops by Vijay Khubchandani

Learn how you, an artist or investor, can get into the world of NFTs and make money through
digital art.

You may attend the whole NFT Crypto course in Delhi thanks to ArtBuzz. The first workshop ever held in Delhi to teach people how to make, purchase, and trade NFT!

Artsome brings to you the Advanced NFT Workshop with NFT and Crypto expert Vijay Khubchandani. This personalized workshop and mentorship program covers everything you need to know about NFTs, whether you’re an artist or collector.


What do these workshops offer you?

  • One-on-one guidance about NFTs, including the process of creating and listing your works on a marketplace, understanding crypto currency and creating your own wallets, NFTs and collection of NFTs.

  • Learn how artists like Amrit Pal Singh, who sold his NFT for ₹6.6 lakhs, create works that sell well on an NFT marketplace.

  • Understanding NFTs and what's trending in the industry. 

  • Help artists make their own NFTs and help investors and collectors buy their first NFT from a marketplace.

  • Personalized mentorship from an industry expert, with Q&A and doubt-clearing sessions.

  • Recording of the workshop for your reference.

  • Official certificate provided to you by

Modules Covered

  1. What are NFTs?
  2. Difference between digital art and NFTs.
  3. NFT basics - minting, gas fees, crypto wallets, trading etc.
  4. Understanding cryptocurrency, specifically Ethereum. 
  5. Why NFTs are the future of art and art investments.
  6. Setting up a wallet and understanding crypto transactions.
  7. How to create NFTs.
  8. How to list NFTs on a marketplace.
  9. How to buy NFTs from a marketplace.
*Depending on the workshop chosen, these modules may differ.


About Vijay Khubchandani

Vijay Khubchandani - The Best NFT and Crypto coach in India!
Vijay is a serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience in starting companies across financial services, mobile applications, entertainment and hardware consumer electronic wearables. He has always been interested in FinTech (Finance + Technology). Vijay believes that everyone must adopt and upgrade with them gradually. He is a tech enthusiast who loves to constantly explore this field.

With a new start-up on the way, Vijay balances between being an entrepreneur and still following his passion for NFTs. His new collection, Fishbowl Heads, is a collection of 9,999 NFT collectibles, borne out of his interest and expertise in the world of NFTs and Crypto.


Who can benefit from these workshops?

NFT and Crypto Currency workshop in India

This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn about NFTs and Crypto art. From students to experienced investors, this workshop has something for everyone. This workshop will especially be useful for you if you are a - 

  • Art student who wants to sell their art online

  • Investor wanting learn more about this new and upcoming space and buy NFTs

  • Art collector wanting to expand your horizons into new artworks

  • Digital and crypto currency enthusiast 

  • Content creators wanting to venture into selling NFTs

We currently offer TWO Workshops on NFTs

1. NFT Skilled


Step by step learning process, where we will teach you everything related to NFT. From minting to gas fees, creating a wallet, becoming an artist or a collector. Learn and grow through this module, and kick start your way to NFTs.

2. NFT Advanced


All assistance and guidance will be provided by Team and Vijay at every step, including but not limited to Design Review, Platform Selection, Pricing, Marketing Tactics. We will guide you through making and putting your first NFT on an NFT marketplace. We will also take you through the process of buying your own NFT, starting from setting up a wallet to making your first transaction using Ethereum.


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