Artists’ relief fund 2021


Production Grant – INR 4,00,000 Lacs 

Upto 10 Artists 

It was a huge challenge to pick artists who have a great exemplar in the field because almost every candidate is very strong and has the knack for receiving this grant. We are grateful to everyone who has participated, and given their names for the fund.

After nearly 2 months of reviewing 500+ artists, conducting rigorous interviews, has finally concluded and hereby compiled the names of the
FINAL 10 ARTISTS who would be receiving this prestigious grant.

ARTSOME is more than grateful to have received such an overwhelming response from artists across the country. Indeed, it was a tedious task to filter out the finalists, because almost all applications were well deserving. We want to laud the efforts of each and everyone who participated in the ARTIST RELIEF FUND 2021.


The journey of ARTIST RELIEF FUND began in May 2021 and more than 500 artists around the country had applied for this. The grant is Rs 4,00,000/- INR, which was awarded to 10 artists.

From the vast 500 applications, 50 candidates were shortlisted based on personal interviews, and finally, the 10 artists who are being awarded are:


      1. Manisha Agrawal

      2. Alamu Kumeresan

      3. Anupama Alias

      4. Arunangshu Roy

      5. Gavara Sathyanarayan

      6. Suresh Kumar Singh

      7. Kalpana Vishwas

      8. Jayeeta Chatterjee

      9. Ganesh Srinivasan

     10. R Gokul Raman


This event was attended by more than 100 people, and also live-streamed on YouTube. All these 10 artists were very promising in terms of the kind of works they do, their future goals upon receiving this grant, and their determination for art as a field, and so on. The event received an overwhelming response from artists from all walks of life.




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