ArtBuzz - The Leading Coworking Space & Artist Studio in Delhi

Exclusive to India, Artbuzz is a community working environment that inspires creativity, and is open to all who are interested in art; including professionals, artists, and students!

What is ArtBuzz?

ArtBuzz Studios, Delhi, is the town's finest creative coworking space, offering a variety of creative studios for all purposes. Artists and creative professionals can use ArtBuzz Studios as a non-residential co-working space during office hours. An open-plan shared studio area with ten private studios, conventional printmaking facilities, and an open-air terrace are among the several amenities. 
We are one-of-a-kind platform where selected artists get a chance to set up their studios and further their practice. At the studios, an artist works with like-minded people & receives opportunities to grow constantly. One also gets access to industry insiders, curators, collectors, etc. apart from regular workshops and opportunities to exhibit.

Why the BUZZ?

Anyone wishing to simultaneously create, network, and grow should check out ArtBuzz. Additionally, we focus on all of the events and activities at ArtBuzz Studios on supporting artists’ more holistic growth trajectory and helping them recognize their status as ‘professionals.’ We aim to create a neutral platform for artists in Delhi, invigorating the town's burgeoning creative community, with a particular focus on the younger generation, through presenting exhibitions, talks, workshops, and other events.
For instance, we hold presentations on topics like the value of social media for artists, how to develop a personal brand, how to work on portfolios, and similar issues, giving them access to low-level mentoring that they may utilize to accelerate their development. Every season, we host events, plan exhibitions, conduct awards, and arrange retreats for the artist community and everyone connected to ArtBuzz.

What is our USP?

ArtBuzz was born with the idea to reduce the gap between art and its audience. To make art more accessible every day, and not something available only to a few. Aimed at making a creative hub for all kinds of artists, this place opens itself to add value to its community and help everyone there. Artistically intuitive, vibrant and inclusive that's Artbuzz Studios for you!
ArtBuzz is your one-stop destination for all things art. We bring you news and reviews from the world of art, the latest information on gallery exhibitions or street art shows near you, and beautiful visuals for you to appreciate!

What do we do?

We are connoisseurs and bon vivant of art who seek to make it more approachable and accessible for all. Be it a rookie artist or simply a savant who is always on his toes for any new art affair in the city, we’re looking out for them to hop on to the ArtBuzz community to never miss an artsy beat!
ArtBuzz looks up to be a melting pot for enthusiasts, upcoming artists, art-centric individuals, and events that showcase the finest of contemporary art. With our heads and hearts in the right place, we pursue a passion for art and aesthetics as a core foundation to bridge the two!

To know more about the space or to simply pay a visit to look around, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

ArtBuzz Studios, E – 49/5, Okhla Phase II, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110020
+91- 9667938887