About Us!
ArtBuzz, your ultimate destination for a creative and inspiring getaway!
Our unique establishment combines the essence of an art-themed youth hostel, a delightful cafe, and a dynamic co-working space, all under one roof.
Our inception in December 2014, ArtBuzz has embarked on an incredible journey of creativity and hospitality. Over the years, we have welcomed a diverse community of creative individuals, including artists, writers, photographers, young poets, comedians, solo adventurers, and even intrepid female trekkers. We take pride in having provided inspiring accommodations, collaborative spaces, and a vibrant atmosphere to all these passionate souls.

Our dedicated team, composed of experienced professionals, travel enthusiasts, nomads, and spirited individuals, tirelessly works around the clock to ensure that YOUR experience at ArtBuzz is nothing short of exceptional.
We are committed to making sure you sleep soundly, dine on delicious offerings, and thoroughly enjoy your time in our creative haven.

Indulge in comfortable and stylish accommodations, savor delectable dishes and beverages at our vibrant cafe, and immerse yourself in collaborative workspaces that foster innovation and connections. Our calendar is brimming with art-centric events, including Retreats.
Artist Residencies, and Exhibitions, offering endless opportunities for self-expression and growth. Step into our artistic ecosystem, where you can explore your passions, collaborate with fellow creatives, and forge enduring friendships.
Join us for an unforgettable and enriching experience. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey of artistic discovery at ArtBuzz!