About ArtBuzz

We started our ArtBuzz journey with a fairly simple motivation – to build a neutral space for artists to come and co-create. Little did we know that over the next few years it would evolve into a strong and relevant community for artists where they can grow together in various co-working and co-living spaces across the country.

Ours is a unique vision which began with breaking away from existing infrastructures in the Indian art market and creating our own space with an artist centric approach. Our mainstay includes providing an open plan studio space for artists, creating opportunities through our programming – like talks, exhibition opportunities, skill-based workshops – that help artists understand their practices while also providing initial stages of mentorship to shape artists in a more professional and holistic way.

The constant feeling that there are not enough spaces in the country that support artists in a progressive way has led us to exploring cities outside the metropolitan and reaching out to a wider base of artists and creative professionals. With the concept of art-themed youth hostels, we have been able to make spaces for the artistic community to come together to share ideas.

It’s still the beginning of a much larger canvas of exploration, to say the least. Together, with the artists, we plan to Create, Network and Grow as we move forward with each step that counts toward the betterment of the community.

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