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Mansha Bedi

Mansha Bedi

We live in a world that is fragmented, disconnected, alienated- from itself. We cannot grapple with our selves or the world we live in, because we have forgotten the art of connection with others and even ourselves. I think what a world like this needs, more than anything else is empathy.

When I began with my journey of capturing these humans I co- exist with and rendering on a two dimensional surface, I thought, I was trying to reproduce them, their reality & journey. But actually I was reflecting my own state of mind & thoughts. 

My works are about my evolution & growth as a person, growth of my feelings & sensibility. An attempt to embody the emotion of this act of empathy towards others & ourselves. I think art is that space where this connection can be created between strangers: them, the viewer & myself.

The current works are a manifestation of my thoughts & recollection of the people, ideas, facts or situation that has happened to me in my life & put down in one place together.