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Ashish Maurya

Ashish Maurya
My work investigates the life of rural and urban people, their lifestyle and professions. I am trying to touch the sense of urbanization issues, sound
of the city and village, population and pollution. I am most often lost in the process of layering in Painting, struggling to find a way out and feeling
very much a beginner until the moments of clarity. For a long time now, my work has found a resolution in a kind of illuminated landscape where
I draw the memory of my childhood which I spend.
Lately my works has been picking up on the smaller moment’s memory of my village in my work. I born in a very small village Nakati Mishrauli
in Mirzapur U.P. and studied BFA from the holy city Varanasi and MFA from metropolitan city New Delhi. I witnessed many transactions and
changes in the rural and urban space. I take these experiences as my inspirations and use those ideas in my work.
The attempt is to capture the noise, speed, time and duration of the rural experience as well as urban. I used to paste banana paper, tissue paper
and rice papers on canvas to find the different layers of surface. Materials itself is the advantages in my artworks. After layering I used to draw
with pencils, crayons, charcoal powder, acrylic and watercolors. I started from yellow ochre background on Brown, black figures but now I am
loving with gray background on white, black, sepia, and brunt shine with charcoal and graphite powder. Most of my works in panels and I like
mix media works.
Keeping these themes in my mind I have created several visualizations representing various artistic mediums. Most of my works are painting,
installations, drawings, photography, Assemblage and performance art and I am planning to keep on continuing these kinds of works in the future