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Anupama C. Hara

Anupama C. Hara

This series of abstract artworks was inspired by the poignant memory of an incoming monsoon storm. I saw a wall of rain clouds in the sky and rain shafts in the far distance and felt the energies of the universe through the power of the natural world. It was an experience of grandeur and grace. One was intimately aware of the minuteness of the human form.  It seemed to be a moment of spiritual clarity.

It was natural to use randomness and textural mark making to express  the wildness of that inspirational memory. The story delved between the abstraction of nature and the power and potency that it contains as a visual metaphor for a larger unseen landscape of energy, within and without.

As I worked from that experience, the narrative has changed. From vigorous and intense mark making, I have shifted to formlessness - gradations and clouds of grays.

When I created art for my pleasure or as an expression, my ideas about the world, and my reaction to it as a woman and a mother  were expressed. As the practice evolved into a therapeutic need for healing, the work changed. As  I searched for a way to express my new found wholeness , the series I call THE GREYS developed.

My artwork is only an indication of a moment in the life of an artist as a growing personality . Each work has a preceding and a succeeding iteration. Each iteration documents our change over experience and time.

My art is a manifestation of my evolution. As I grow and learn to refine myself, my artwork changes and reflects the place I hold. In this way, my work is my teacher. Each piece is a reflection of the current moment and of the change from the preceding moment.