Know your Art

Pahari Miniatures

In Hindi, the word ‘pahaar’ means mountains. Hence the term, Pahari painting refers to a painting that originates from any hilly region. The credit...

Mughal Miniatures

Most Indian kings have been fascinated by art, and have encouraged art and culture. As a result, many art forms evolved from time to time. One such...

The wonderful world of Kalighat Paintings

Kalighat paintings or ‘Kalighat pat chitra’ traces its origin to Kalighat temple area, Kalighat, Kolkata in West Bengal.

Indian Calendar Art: A lens to view Indian History

Calendar art is a generic name for a style of popular mass produced prints, mostly in color, and gained immense popularity quickly. It is supposed ...

Buddhist Architecture

Buddha artwork emerged in India and Sri Lanka after the demise of Gautam Buddha (563 BCE to 483 BCE). 

Bombay Progressive Artists' Group

Comprising of six artists, the Bombay Progressive Artists Group or PAG - F. N. Souza, S. H. Raza, M. F. Husain, K. H. Ara, H. A. Gade, and S. K. Ba...

Abstract Expressionism

A revolutionary broad movement in the art world, Abstract Expressionism took place in the post-World War II America in the 1940s dominating the art...

Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a new artistic, a style modern art that does not represent an accurate depiction of the visual reality.