Know your Art


Surrealistic art comprises works that contain an element of surprise, an element of unexpected superimposition of two distant images or events. 


The term Solarization in photography is used to describe the effect of tone reversal observed due to extreme overexposure of the photographic film ...


In painting and still photography, “tableau” is a figurative scene where characters are arranged in composition to maximize beauty and dramatic eff...

Tantric Art

The focus of tantric art has always been the unity of male and female principles. 


 A triptych is a series of three paintings intended to be displayed together. Derived from the Greek adjective tri, i.e. "three" and ptysso, i.e. "...

UV Printing

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is a process of printing using UV ink rather than traditional ink. Traditional inks are solvent-based and dry by allowing...

Video Art

Video art refers to art that utilises moving images with or without sound. This form of art came into being in the late 1960s and early 1970s where...

Woodblock Print

Woodblock prints are amongst the oldest printing techniques, used to make book pages and later images. 

Oil Pastel Drawings

Oil pastels are an improved version of the crayon and made up of a soft, oily composition that helps them blend very well with each other. 


Though an old concept, Iconography is a very effective way to communicate a large idea in a very short, concise, and abbreviated manner.


In fine art, the Italian term 'Impasto' refers to a painting style where the paint is laid onto the canvas or some other strong medium very thickly...


The characteristics of impressionist artworks include the prevalent use of moving light and its reflection, hastily painted surfaces or the illusio...