New Media Art

New Media Art


Art is one of those things, which constantly attempts to reinvent itself. Every era has seen changes in the art form and gets influenced by the technology available at that time. New media art refers to artworks created using new age media technologies including the latest digital art techniques like computer graphics, animation, digital art, computer robotics etc.  

New Media Art:  

As the name suggests, new media art can be seen as any form of artistic production that is created using a medium that belongs to the modern era, a medium which does not belong to traditional era. This media challenges traditional art and old visual art. The art often involves a direct interaction between the artist and the observer or sometimes between the observers and the artwork as well.   

The name new media also gives a clear hint of its linkage with technological developments. So, the latest technology must be available to the artists. This helps the artists to create innovative artworks by experimenting with the latest modes and mediums for innovative artistic expression. This new media includes the use of the latest in digital technology, computer animation, interactive art, robotics, glitch art, Hacktivism, motion art, virtual and even sound engineering.   

There is not anyone specific media or art that can be termed as new media art. New media art is a mother term, which is used to include all works of art that are made used the new and latest media. This art form includes many diverse art categories. From digital art, and computer graphics to computer animationvirtual artInternet art, and interactive art technologies. Besides, it also includes diverse fields like computer robotics or art as biotechnology. New media art is characterized by spanning practices ranging from conceptual and virtual art to performances and installations. Very often, new media art acts as a platform for communication and interaction rather than closed work.  

New Media Art is often characterized by the direct interaction that it provides between the artist and the audience or the audience and the artwork itself. It is identified as a complex and non-linear convergence of elements like the art system, scientific and industrial research and political-cultural media activism.   

New Media and Internet:

The new media art is greatly influenced by the various developments in technology. It also affects how new media art is created and enjoyed by audiences. The most apt example here is the World Wide Web (www). It was created, initially, as a communication tool to have effective written communication between people. But, owing to its ability to share vast data, it is being to various other firms as well, including creating art.  

Origin of New Media Art:  

New media art traces its origin to the later part of the 19th century. This was the time when technological advancements began to affect all walks of our life. So, how can art be left behind? Starting from 1920 till 1950, various forms of kinetic and light art were created which could be seen as a breeding ground for the future growth of creative works, using new media. In 1958, Wolf Vostell is known as the pioneer in this field, when in 1958, for the first time, he used a TV set in his famous work, The Black Room Cycle. This sparked a series of experimentation with visual elements. About 30 years later, the emergence of the internet opened a whole new era for artists who wanted to create innovative artworks.   

New Media Art in modern times:  

In modern times, new media has acquired a dynamic form that is reinventing itself now and then to offer unique tools for artistic expression. With the new generation very technology-friendly and technology becoming more and more accessible, there is a great boom in the amount of work being created by the artists using the new media.   


New media art is an umbrella term that includes, all works of art produced using the new media. This includes a diverse set of new-age media like digital art, virtual art like computer animation and graphics, categories and even computer robotics. Or even biotechnology. Nowadays, the new media artworks more like a platform for communication and interaction rather than a closed work.