Archival Print

Archival Print

What is Archival Art?

Archival Art is defined as a store of art printed materials or associated printed materials having a documentary nature and value. Archival Art Prints are extensive as they document and preserve various art portfolios and collections. Archival Art describes the fine art reproductions of museum quality.  

How Archival Art is done? 

Archival mounting process includes mounting a photograph or a print on a material that doesn’t get degraded over time. A pH Neutral adhesive mount film is used, that makes it compatible with the sensitive papers. Materials like Foamboard, Display Card, PVC and MDF contain acids and by-products that break down over time, but Durpec and Aluminium are fully Archival and last long.  

Why is Archival Art so valuable? 

By using the finest quality of papers and inks, Archival Art Prints describe the fine art reproductions of museum quality. The resolution gets extremely high. The information comprised in the troves can range from the artist’s correspondence to live performance recordings to the essential photographs of artworks, like brochures and catalogues. However, it can provide most of the things in between right from original gallery, administrative records, associated drawings, sale and purchase records, sketchbooks and more.  

Growing popularity of Archival Print 

Though Archival Prints are not considered as the new trend in contemporary art, but they still are popular among masses.  The uniqueness of archival print has got it featured at museum collections. The first popular Archival Art Print was by Julie Ault, an artist, writer and a founding member of the New York collaborative group called Material.  In the year 2014, The Museum of the City of New York was displayed at the Martin Wong’s graffiti art collection. These days, the Archival Prints are considered as the contemporary art. Archival print is not stopping at collecting real archival material. In some of the cases, artists use it as a theme to create their work. They also use it as an inventing material for the archival purpose. 

Archival Art Printing – Bringing stunning print finish   

Archival Art Printing services portray the regality of the past with a tinge of royalty. It utilizes fine printing pages for a stunning print finish. Archival Art Print is an excellent way to bring a sophisticated look to any image. Archival Art is the best choice when it comes to painting in order to preserve certain photos for an extended period of time. Archival Art Printing is definitely a savior which furnishes a royal look to all the beautiful pictures. 


1.  What comprises Archival Art Print? 

- Archival Art Print is made up of unique documents like sound, video and digital. Art archives comprise of collectives, practitioners and organizations. 

2. How Archival Print is made?  

- Archival Print uses the finest quality inks and papers to resist drawings, color fading and paintings, bringing an exceptionally high resolution. 

3. Which was the first Archival Art Print? 

- The first popular Archival Art Print was by Julie Ault.