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Importance of Art placement and Spacing for your walls

Art exists in multiple variations around us constantly. It serves as an appealing object in everyday surroundings and it creates a space where people can thrive in their profession. When viewing a space, a catchy artwork can entice a viewer. It can make an individual feel at home and comfortable and can make a strange place easy. There are multiple places where you may not even notice artwork, but you subconsciously appreciate it as a result of the calming effects of art. Finding artwork that suits your space is difficult but that does not mean you leave it plain and empty, you need to put anything from a classic print to an abstract painting for a few simple reasons. 

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- Creating a unique experience

Artwork in stores, hotels and restaurants has become a trend these days to draw in customers and make a specific place uniquely identifiable. People click pictures of and with these works of art and post them and soon it becomes a part of the identity, so it helps to keep up with this trend and display artwork for the public eye. 

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- Communicate values 

A piece of art can communicate a company’s mission statement, a workplace’s values or just a home’s beliefs. It can communicate through simple, abstract art that it values ambition or hard work and create a workspace under these values accordingly. 

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- First impression

A strategically placed artwork can attract a first time visitor and specifically in hotels, it would give the impression of hospitality and elegance. Artwork creates a comfortable, safe environment rather than one that is cold. Think of all the waiting rooms you have been in, a piece of art on the wall tends to give you something to focus on rather than an empty wall. It also portrays that the place values creativity and innovation and is not a constructive corporation where you feel stuck in a straitjacket. 

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- Ways to purchase Art

Artsome provides an easy way to purchase authentic art for your space with a variety of options. It makes purchasing art from independent artists and specifically Indian artists easy and can give you access to undiscovered art. You do not have to go physically searching for some inspiration but instead join a community of enthusiasts who will help you in choosing what artwork is right for you and will provide it to you, hassle-free!

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- Establishes a brand

A piece of art can make a place memorable and leave an impact rather than be forgetful. For instance in a hotel room an artwork can make the place homier for a guest instead of a cold, strange space. At home, an artwork can inspire creativity and establish values such as innovation, ambition and determination. Most celebrities define their homes with a work of art and it helps your home to stand out. But it also makes it a cohesive design when you choose the right art to fit your taste and your home. 

While designing a space it is important to keep in mind the message you want to put across, what impression you want to create and ultimately how appealing it should be to viewers. Artsome gives a unique opportunity to explore numerous artists and undiscovered artists. You can join this community as an art lover or strictly as a buyer but in the end you’ll be able to find something that you needed for a space or just get inspired to implement something.