Purvanshi has been a planner always. She intricately plans every step of hers and becoming an artist, was a major one.

Coming from the city of Kota, Rajasthan, Purvanshi hails from a business background. Her father and brother are into jewellery making, whereas she went on to pursue art as a career. Even though she completed B. Com, CS and an MBA, she has always wanted to explore and move out.
For Purvanshi, it was a courageous step to even think about moving out, but she wanted to shackle the preexisting thoughts about girls living free and independent and in another city. Her father and grandfather were her biggest support and the ones who inspired her to be out there exploring.
When she came to Delhi for her internship, she had a small space for herself in the hostel where she would come back after work, and only paint or sketch and do her art. She was so dedicated to pursuing art that even the fascinating nightlife of Delhi didn’t impress her.

She enjoys hiking and going on trips, and meeting a bunch of people here and there for trips. Her trip to Spiti Valley was the most mesmerizing one for her. The air singing, and talking, and just feeling her complete self when she was away.  After coming to Delhi, she went on to self explore the city, meeting art communities and going to exhibitions.
Purvanshi sets out to be an example for every other girl who wants to break the stigmas of girls going out and following their passion, even when there were disagreements and divergences. Her family eventually came about to support her in her decision and stood by her all the time.
She feels about the environment and her inspiration for her line of art is microorganisms and nature. She feels she has a close connection with nature, and her works deeply reflect that. She loves to read as well. Her love for the environment and the biome is a surge, and later in life, she wants to become an activist.
She has also worked on a few collaboration projects and had mentors who guided her through them. Her works were inspired by her everyday life, through travel, people and nature. She is someone who believes in setting a goal and not drifting from achieving it. She has so much left in life to accomplish and she is not ready to give up yet. She has a true fighter spirit in her that she is proud of and cherishes very much.
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