Courses for Artists: Guide to being a creative professional

Courses for Artists: Guide to being a creative professional

While in school every student develops multiple interests in diverse areas which as we grow older change, increase and even specialize in a few. Every school’s curriculum includes academic, extra-curricular courses to give everyone an equal opportunity to explore the area. Art is one such area, which we are exposed to since we learn the colors of the rainbow and color within the lines. In high-school is when we begin to actually choose which subjects we would like to take and some take a keen interest in art. While many people have the rigid mindset that there is no future in art, this mindset is changing. Nowadays, there are multiple degrees in the field of art available now and any specific interest you may take in art is covered. Here are some top websites with art courses available for artists who want to utilize their extra time and improve their knowledge and skill in the field.


  • Highbrow
  • Highbrow has quick lessons to help you improve your productivity and guides you to find your specialty in the vast field of art while trying to accomplish other things. With highbrow you can gain knowledge as quickly as you can drink a cup of coffee. The modern age of learning is fast paced like other things in the 21st century. It is difficult for adults to keep up with the new knowledge and truly immerse oneself in a new topic. Often the media distracts us from facts and true information and so Highbrow provides proper knowledge in simple ways and in a variety of fields. For instance, it provides a course for budding artists to learn how to find their niche in this vast area of Art. People can recommend courses to others and it takes not more than five minutes to complete which allows you to do as many courses as you’d like. 

  • National Institute of Fine Arts
  • At the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) you can get a part time or online diploma in Fine Arts, and even specifically for Sketching and Oil Painting. NIFA offers courses where it helps you grow your skill and perfect it when facing self doubt which most artists do. It brings you back to basics and allows you to build your technique with no downside, only a journey to mastering the art. Open Mindedness is a key factor at NIFA and no thought or idea is wrong. Everything is accepted and encouraged, but it is not an easy route because a key ideology is if you aren’t challenged, you won’t expand your mind. They offer counseling when facing self-doubt and the variety of courses will give you plenty to choose from. 

  • Konsult Art
  • Konsult Art courses for Adults for Art Diploma courses with varying levels and specialize in a certain technique to hone your skills. It believes in offering Art to all and offers professional diplomas in multiple areas with the flexibility to take it up at any point in your life. From Children to Teens and Adults it has something for everyone, you can start taking up Art as a hobby but more specifically if you are looking to build your CV and your journey as an artist, the diploma courses are for you. If you aren’t an expert in a specific niche technique, that's okay! Courses are available at Basic, Expert and Advanced levels for artists in multiple niche fields and specializing in techniques and gaining a diploma is helpful for real world applications of these skills. 

  • Vobium offers multiple courses connected to schools and colleges on their website with flexible structures and certification courses. While being a part of the workforce but also gaining a certification from a course online is something unique that Vobium offers. Degrees and diploma courses are available at different levels and since it connects you to other institutions it allows you to research for multiple degrees at one stop. You can get a diploma in India to add to your CV and you can do it from anywhere you want since it is online and hence it is easily available to you.

    Class central

  • Class central
  • Class central is a company that exists virtually to make online education accessible to all and for artists it offers courses under the broad category of ‘Art & Design’. Since there are so many areas, you can choose to focus on Visual Art, Digital Media and even creativity courses. You are free to audit or participate in a course from multiple universities and the variety of courses cater to everyone.  

    A few general sites for online courses to gain knowledge and better your skills. 

  • Skill Share
  • Skill Share offers classes and courses online covering a variety of fields such as illustration, photography and design. You can join this large online community to increase your skills and inspire you to further your creative journey. 


  • Coursera
  • Coursera is known to teens and adults for providing access to fields which you may want to explore or just gain some more knowledge. You can go for Graphic Design Specialization and gain certificates in many areas of Art.  

    Exploring these various platforms and websites will help you know that you have covered all your bases and can make an informed choice. You may find yourself gravitating towards something instantly, or it may take you time to decide but through this article you will be able to choose some course to expand your mind and increase your knowledge in an area where you may be a master or simply a beginner. With the presence of online courses, you do not have to ever make an ultimate choice between work and education, you can do both! The flexible hours, variety of choices and no downside make these courses desirable to any artist, no matter what level you are at. No one can ever know everything and you should never stop striving to learn, especially when it is a passion project.