Art that will make you squirm

Five Artists Whose Works Will Make You Squirm

Artsome selects five artists whose choice of mediums will make you crinkle your nose in disgust.

1. Chinese Sculptor Zhu Cheng made a replica of the famous Greek statue Venus de milo with what is supposedly panda excrement. He took the help of elementary school students for this Art Project. As if the medium wasn’t strange enough, it was bought by a Swiss collector for a whopping 300,000 Yuan!

 Panda art that takes it to the excrement | Arts Culture – Gulf News

Zhu Cheng, Venus de milo, 2010, Henan Provincial Art Museum, Zhengzhou, China made of panda excrement, 61 cm.


2. The 2009 Turner Prize winner Roger Hiorns made an artwork in the same year with a large pile of dust, shading black to pale grey, spread out across the gallery floor at Tate Britain. The dust came from the powdered remains of a passenger jet engine. On the walls on either side Hiorns put up sculptures made from plastinated bovine brain matter.

 30 Roger Hiorns Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Roger Hiorns, Dust sculpture, 2009, Tate Britain. Photo Courtesy: Getty Images.


3. Performance artist Millie Brown regurgitates colored milk onto paper to create surprisingly interesting abstract art. Popularly branded as the Vomit Artist, Millie Brown’s works sell for thousands of dollars.

 Millie Brown: Vomit Artist | Artist, Unusual art, Artist at work

Millie’s Vomit Art canvases are said to be similar to Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings. Photo Courtesy: Millie Brown.


4. Chris Trueman, an artist from Claremont California recreated a childhood photograph with 200,000 ants! It took the artist several years to finish the project because he had an attack of conscience after he started it. The finished work was sold for a staggering 23,000 dollars and eventually came to be bought by the American Franchise Ripley’s Believe it or Not. 

 Painting With Ants : Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman, Self Portrait with Gun, 2010,made of 200,000 ants,48 x 42″.


5. Jamie Mccartney, an English artist made a 9 metre long polyptych consisting of four hundred plaster casts of vulvas, all of them unique. The age range of the women was from 18 to 76, Including mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women and so on. According to Jamie, his art has a strong social conscience and he wants to prove to people that no subject is taboo when it comes to art.

The Great Wall of Vagina | Jamie McCartney @ Hay Hill Galler… | Flickr 

Jamie Mccartney, Great Wall of Vagina, completed in 2011 after 5 years in the making, 400 plaster casts of vulvas, 10 panels, 9 metres long.