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Home and Hotel artwork - A brief guide

Whether you work from home or in an office, art is a great way to personalize your space and keep you inspired. The Art you surround yourself with is not only what completes your space, but it also defines your personality, it builds character for the space. You can buy the most beautiful furniture and décor, but nothing pulls a room together like properly decorated walls. Whether that be your home, or a hotel- art in itself is an investment that completes the setting of your space. 

But how do you shop for art, how do you know what art is right for you and your business? Find below a guide to shopping for Art.

Artwork Painting on wall Acrylic Art

- For your Home:

Make sure you understand what you’re looking for before you start looking. Do you want a piece of art just to fill out an empty space, or is it more intentional? Do you have a specific color scheme in mind, an art style or genre you may favor? All these are questions you should have at least thought about before going in to buy art. 

The second thing is to know your budget, and be realistic about it. You don’t need a lot of money to surround yourself with Art that you enjoy. So much beautiful art is reasonably priced and will still fulfill its purpose. Shop with local or indie artists, not only are you supporting them, you can get some amazing work by artists who are starting out and may blow up soon. Art in itself is a conversation starter, and shopping from local artists gives you a chance to know the full unadulterated story of how the piece came to be. 

Artwork in your home should make you happy, it does not have to ‘fit the vibe’ of a room as long as you think that it looks good in there. There is no 'right art' for a home – it is down to your personal taste and what you love. After all, you will be living with it. At the end of the day, the artwork you pick for your home will be the art that fits with your aesthetic and elevates your space to make it stand out. 

Artwork Art on wall Artist

- For Your Hotel:

What is a hotel if not a bigger home? But, buying Artwork for your home is very different from buying artwork for your hotel. While the Art in your home needs to cater to nobody but you, a hotel is a business that relies on its service and aesthetics. Art is an integral part to the aesthetic of a hotel, be it the wallpaper, the carpet or the paintings. 

Artwork in a hotel adds value to the property, unique artwork draws the eyes of many consumers and makes the space feel special from the others in the business. It’s important to identify and understand the hotel and its brand in order to gauge an understanding of the ‘vibe’ you would like to put out with the artwork you choose to display. 

Like buying art for your home, it is important to set your budget and project details before you begin the process. Getting an understanding of the space you want to fill, and how you wish to fill it is important. It’s a trend for hotels to be like gallery spaces with art all over, placed in a way that encourages the guests to explore the hotel in its entirety. Much like a live band, art draws attention and captivates individuals to look at it. It’s important to buy engaging art that can hold attention. Beyond just the decoration aesthetics, while buying art for your hotel you should keep in mind what kind of impression it would make on the guests. Which is why details of it’s installation also matter, whether it be the space itself, the lighting, frame etc; all of them play an important role in delivering and completing your space.