Careers in the art for the non-artists

Careers in the art for the non-artists

Hey, are you keen to know more about art when you are not a skilled artist but a creative person.There are 150+ careers available in the line of art. Art careers come in all shapes and sizes. There are art industry jobs creating original works, selling and promoting them, and displaying them to the public in museums and galleries. There are jobs teaching others about art and jobs helping people to express themselves through art. Let’s have a look at all these non-artistic art careers.

1 Art Therapist

Good at giving advice and influencing, if yes, then this is the best option for you. Art therapists work with people who are facing problems such as mental health, addiction, behaviour or communication issues, or who are recovering from illness or brain injury. Therapists encourage them to use art as a way to explore and understand their feelings, and find a way to move forwards with their lives.

2 Art Valuer

Do you like to calculate the amount of everything you see around yourself? An art valuer  gives advice on how much a piece of art, collectible object or a collection of art or objects is worth.

3 Art Directors

You’ve got an eye for design, here is the best option for you. Art directors are the design professionals who choose the art, photographs and other visual elements that go into an advertisement, publication, motion picture or life performance.

4 Conservator

Are you good at keeping things safe and secure just like your feelings? Oh, you got a career on this as well. Conservators take care of works of art, historical objects or historical properties. They ensure that these are kept in appropriate conditions to prevent deterioration, and help restore them to their original condition if they do deteriorate.

5 Art gallery curator

Good at maintaining and dealing with people? Be an art gallery curator. Curators are involved in buying or borrowing artworks, deciding how to display them, writing explanatory materials for visitors, giving talks to students and the public, keeping records of the works, working with conservators to ensure that artworks stay in good condition, overseeing junior staff and potentially carrying out relevant academic research.

art gallery curator

6 Art technician

Art technicians, aka art demonstrators, also work in colleges or universities and help teach students. Their work is very practical – they set up the technical equipment needed in an art studio and then help students to use it, for example guiding them through InDesign, using a 3D printer, screen printing or traditional photographic processing in a darkroom.

7 Art Lecturer 

 Being an art lecturer could be magnificent, carrying out their own research or practical projects, which could be anything from studying the work of a particular artist to looking at ways that art can help improve social or health issues.

So, which option are you choosing then?