Artsome Artist: Varnika Prakash

Artsome Artist: Varnika Prakash

Varnika is a creative soul, who loves to explore and experience new journeys in life. Her childhood life has always sparked the artistic side in her. Her parents and her brother have been her first inspiration to pursue art.

Her zeal for learning never stopped. After school, for a substantial future, she opted to study psychology while pursuing art as a hobby. Her small room would always be filled with her canvas paintings. She became so invested in her art during her college time.

Her family was always supportive of the idea to let her follow art. Varnika is an artist in the true sense- she does music, art, dance and so much more. Her dynamism spurs across all grounds.

Being a self-taught artist, during her early career she would take the opportunity to exhibit her works where her brother would do musical gigs and concerts.  Her first exhibition was in Hauz Khas that she curated. That show was her claim to fame, where she received an overwhelming response from the public and brought her more recognition. Varnika became more confident as an artist.


Having moved to Goa in the past year, she discovered an untouched side in her, that also loves nature and the ocean. She has fallen in love with that place, as it helped her see her innate abilities as an artist. She has gracefully embraced the creative side in her.

She still feels connected to Delhi, where she was born and raised and spent most of her childhood. Varnika believes she has a long way to go before finally settling down.