Artsome Artist: Mahima Saraswat

Artsome Artist: Mahima Saraswat

A confluence of diverse cultures, with her Kashmiri heritage and life in Delhi, Mahima Saraswat is a culmination of all her diverse identities and cultures. Drawing on walls and fabrics as a child in Udaipur, and then participating in an art competition held by Disney and Apsara, Mahima was born an artist. 

Finding Form VI

Exploring her artistic side with her interest in museum conservation, Mahima works with art and culture in all facets of her life. As a conservator, she had the opportunity to work on Amrita Sher-Gil, one of India’s foremost artist’s, works. Later working as a teacher, Mahima has had a vast array of exposure into the world of art in different ways.

But it was during the pandemic that her own artistic practice shone. Using the isolation and fear of the pandemic as a muse for her works, she created a line of paintings that depicted her navigation of the complexity and strangeness of the pandemic years. 

Finding Form VII

Her artistic practice has always revolved around her experience of life and her observations of society and the people around her. Whether it be pre-pandemic traffic congestion, crowds, and other issues of mundane importance, or the distress and trauma of a worldwide disease, her works have reflected her experience of the human condition in all its emotional and observational glory. 

Finding Form X

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