5 FREE Apps to get you started on your Digital Art Journey

5 FREE Apps to get you started on your Digital Art Journey

Digital Art is an art style that utilizes digital technology as a part of the creative process. With the current advancements in technology, an individual could have their whole sketchbook in the palm of their hands.

An increasingly popular art style, it is still rather expensive to start. Not everyone who wants to pursue digital art wants to do it as a career. And most people are not willing to spend that kind of money on something that they might lose interest in or not enjoy as much.

For that reason, here is a list of 5 FREE mobile apps available on IOS and Android that can help you get started on your digital art journey. 

  • Ibis Paint X

    Ibis Paint X is a popular drawing app available on both IOS and Android. The app provides over 4500 brushes, 27 blending modes, filters, screentones and also allows you to record the drawing process!
  • While the app design can take a few uses to get the hang of, it is an excellent app with a multitude of helpful features to use. Watching an ad will unlock every single feature for 18 full hours, after which you just have to watch another ad to access it!

    They also have an online gallery where you can upload your work and view others! Ibis Paint X can be used for whatever you wish to draw, but if you are an artist who is interested in the anime/manga style of art- Ibis is the perfect app for you!

  • Medibang Paint

    Medibang Paint is a digital painting and comic creative application that is available on both, IOS and Android. It provides a multitude of brushes, fonts, premade backgrounds, etc. All of the apps features are available with no in-app purchases that are required!

    It has a simple interface and supports various input modes. Medibang even works well with .PSD files, which is not typical for most free paint programs. Truly the only downside to using Medibang Paint is the slightly annoying, ‘in your face’ advertising that pops up when the app or program is launched. Other than that, Medibang is an excellent platform for creating beautiful digital art on your phone.

  • Color Gear lite

    Creating art, especially digital art, requires the use of colors most times. Creating a working and compatible color palette can be a difficult task- Color Gear Lite is an app that can assist with that.

    Color Gear is an all-in-one tool that allows the user to find and create the right color palette using color theory. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to create a harmonious color palette consisting of up to 6 complementary colors. Not only that, it also gives you their exact HEX, HSV, RGB, HSL, LAB and CMYK details so you can find the exact color whenever you need. It also allows you to extract or create a color palette based on an image and saves all the palettes you create!!

  • Concepts

    Concepts, much like Medibang and IbisPaint, is a digital art sketchbook. The app offers realistic pencils, pens and brushes as well an an infinite canvas along with custom grids. It allows you to personalize every aspect of your work, makes the duplicating process easy and is relatively user friendly.

    It falls a little lower on the list because unlike the others, quite a few of its features are not available for free. It shines in the color selection available. Unlike the others that offer a color wheel, Concepts offers an arrangement of colors that are listed. Makes it a lot easier to not have to re-customise a particular color shade that you need over and over again!

  • Artform Platform

    Every Artist needs recognition, that is a part of how they ‘make it.’ Artform Platform is an app that assists with just that! Artists can upload their work for free, whichever medium it may be and get upvotes and comments.

    Artform Platform is a social media platform that consists of a community of artists and art enthusiasts. After uploading your work, you can enter competitions on the app, winning which will allow you to get more recognition. There is also an option to chat privately.

    Not only does Artform allow you to make a name for yourself in the art community, chances of an artist/ art enthusiast who may like your work and commission you are also plausible! It gives artists a much more catered audience than Instagram and is a great platform to help a new artist make a name for themselves!