10 Art Spaces Changing the Indian Art Scene

10 Art Spaces Changing the Indian Art Scene

These places have challenged the traditional functioning of art in India and have endeavoured to create spaces where artists can come together and form a community to create, inspire and express themselves in the ways they know best. 

HH Art Spaces - Goa

hh art space foundation

Pioneered by Romain Loustau, Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra in 2014, HH Art Spaces in Goa are an art space dedicated to new, contemporary, and experimental forms of art - both in South Asia and the rest of the world. With an emphasis on the performativity of art across mediums, their residency programme ‘Open Studio’ and series ‘Get Naked’ allow for artists from all over the world to come together to create and be inspired within a space that does not judge or critique, but merely observes and admires. It is freedom of creation in its purest sense and is what makes HH Art Spaces one of the pioneers of radical art and experimental performances in the country.


Anant Art - New Delhi

anant art

New Delhi has emerged as a hub of modern and contemporary art in the country, and Anant Art, established in the early 2000s has played a key role in facilitating that for the city. Providing impetus for young and upcoming artists to create and showcase their works, Anant Art holds exhibitions, residencies, and other avenues of presenting young artists and their works to patrons of Indian art.


Shrine Empire - New Delhi

shrine empire

2008 saw the establishment of the Shrine Empire by Anahita Taneja and Shefali Somani as a space for research and exhibition of conceptual artworks forged at the intersection of media and material. Besides being a space for the exhibition of artists from the South Asian subcontinent, Shrine Empire also aims to educate and create awareness about the arts in the country, emphasising alternative practices and conceptual works. The Prameya Art Foundation, borne out of the culmination of efforts made by the Shrine Empire, became a space for the support of arts in the country through their awards, scholarships, residencies, and publications in the art space.


Project 88 - Mumbai

project 88

Having roots in Galerie 88 of Kolkata, Project 88 is one of the pioneers of contemporary art in the city of Mumbai. Along with representation at Frieze Viewing Room in London and New York, the India Art Fair, and Art Basel showcases, Project 88 intends to become a resource for artists to become a part of the global art community, reaching more people and finding patrons from all over the world. With its focus on art news and trends, Project 88 established itself as a premier art space in the country.


Pulp Society - New Delhi

Project 88

Combining the traditional art gallery space with an educational and practical space, Pulp Society has a multifarious program that melds traditional art programming with new-age techniques and experimental works. One of the first to focus solely on printmaking, it has a plethora of events, workshops, and residencies that aims to promote and support Indian printmakers, graphic designers, and artists that work exclusively on paper.


ArtBuzz Studios - New Delhi

artbuzz studios

Understanding the lack of space and resources available in the country to artists looking to expand their horizons and work as artists occupationally, ArtBuzz Studios are the pioneers of creative co-working spaces in the country. One of the first in the country to combine art, creativity, and co-working, ArtBuzz offers private studios and shared working spaces for creative individuals.

Part of the Artsome community, together their programming consists of events, workshops, educational campaigns, awards, and, art reviews that seek to bring together a community of artists and art lovers from all over the world.


Ambavad ni Gufa - Ahmedabad

ambavad ni gufa

India is not just home to art galleries and studios, but also massive installations of art and architecture that blend the boundaries of structural art in a way that is breathtaking to witness. Ambavad ni Gufa is one such installation. Situated in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it was designed by architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi (famous brutalist and modernist architect), and consists of paintings by M.F. Husain, one of the foremost Indian painters. 

The premises also contain a space for exhibitions and projections of films, making it a premier hotspot for artists looking for inspiration and art lovers exploring the different facets of Indian art.


Gallery Ark - Vadodara

Gallery Ark

Vadodara has long been seen as a centre for the arts in India, with artists and art lovers both claiming it as a space for inspiration and creation. Situated in the midst of this bustling art city is Gallery Ark. Established by long-time patrons of art, art collectors Seema and Atul Dalmia aimed to create a space that both incentivizes artists to create and showcase their works, and provide the resources to upcoming artists to become a holistic centre for the patronage and education of contemporary arts in the city.


Ojas Art - New Delhi

ojas art

Ojas Art’s emphasis on creating artistic spaces in the city is seen through their sprawling property close to the majestic Qutub Minar called 1AQ. Breaking the bustle of busy city life, 1AQ by Ojas Art is a space for creation, conversation, and artistic expression. Working with performance artists and traditional art forms, Ojas Art revitalises the human spirit through art within their art galleries, gardens and open-air performance spaces, becoming a haven for the artistic flaneur tired of the closed, confined spaces characteristic of city-life.


Gallery White - Vadodara

gallery white

Part of the Vadodara Visual Art Centre, Gallery White is an interesting project undertaken by art entrepreneur Vinit Nair by converting an office space into an art gallery space. Over 5500 sq ft in area, Gallery White of the VVAC consists of spaces to showcase artworks, educational spaces, and an overall centre for the discussion, creation, and understanding of visual arts, all within the larger artistic community of Vadodara.